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Vertical turning lathes


Victor design one new vertical lathe Vturn-560 to meet higher roundness requirement for auto parts.
  • Compact space floor requirement for easier cell layout in the factory
  • Ergonomic design for easy loading and unloading for operators
  • High roundness and surface finish without gravity effect on the turning process
  • Integral chip disposal without coolant leakage assures clean and clear factory



Item \ model   Unit Vturn-V560 (CV)
Capacity Swing over bed mm 600
Swing over carriage mm 540
Max. turning length mm 520
Std. turning dia. mm 470
Travel X axis stroke mm 280+130
Z axis stroke mm 540
Spindle Max. spindle speed rpm 2500
Spindle nose mm A2-8
Spindle bore mm 86
Inner bearing mm 130
Chuck diameter inch 12" (Opt. 10"/15"/18")
Max. part weight (incl. chuck) kg 593
Turret No. of tools no. 8
No. of live tools (opt.) no. 8 (VDI-40)
(DIN-5482, axial type, left-hand)
Tool shank size mm 32
Max. boring bar dia. mm 50
Exchange time sec. 1 (hydraulic)
Feedrate Rapid feedrate m/min X/Z = 15/24
X axis ballscrew mm Ø50 x P10 (moving column)
Z axis ballscrew mm Ø40 x P12
Cutting federate mm/min X/Z=0~1260
Motor Spindle motor kW 15/18.5 (αP30i)
Opt. 18.5/22 (αP40i)
Gearbox   Optional
X/Z axis servo motor kW X:4, Z:4
Milling motor (opt.) kW 4 kW
Machine Fanuc controller   0i-T
Coolant tank Liter 185
W × L × H (including chip conveyor) mm 1560 × 3250 × 2918
Power requirement kVA 40 (45 for CV)
Net weight kg 6000

Standard accessories:
  • Solid chuck with soft jaws
  • Chip conveyor with cart
  • Automatic forced lubrication
  • Fully enclosed splash guarding
  • Tool holders (exch VDI tooling)
  • 3 step warning light
  • Fanuc 0i-T control
  • Remote MPG (handwheel)
  • Oil cooler for gearbox (Vturn-V760)
Optional accessories:
  • Bigger chucks (21" chuck/1700rpm, 24" chuck/1400rpm, 28" chuck/1200rpm, 32" chuck/1100rpm)
  • Oil skimmer
  • Bigger spindle motor
  • Renishaw tool presetter (detachable)
  • High pressure coolant
  • Auto door
  • VDI turret
  • C axis and VDI turret
  • Higher column (100mm more)
  • Fanuc 21i-T /18i-T control
  • Higher outlet chip conveyor (for Vturn-V560)
  • Detachable chip conveyor (to reduce the floor space when cleaning)