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Horizontal turning lathes

Turning Lathe

Victor Taichung designs and manufactures superior turning lathes, such as multitasking turning lathe, horizontal turning lathe, and vertical turning lathe. The turning lathe is an ideal solution for various machining work and processes. It features compact space floor requirement for easy cell layout, ergonomic design for easy loading and unloading, high roundness and surface finish, integral chip disposal and built-in-motor spindle.
VTplus-15/20: Linear motion guideways, manual tailstock with programmable quill
Vturn-16/20/26: Box guideways, belt-driven spindle, no C-axis (no milling turret)
VturnII-16/20: Box guideways, belt-driven spindle, C-axis by built-in spindle with VDI milling turret
Vturn-A16/20/26: Box guideways, built-in spindle only, C-axis with VDI or BMT turret
Vturn-40/45/46: Box guideways, belt-driven spindle with gearbox, C-axis with VDI milling turret
Vturn-20E: Box guideways, heavy cutting, Fanuc 0iMate-TD contro