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Specical Application Press

Heavy Stamping Link Motion Mechanical Press (SM1)


 SM1-300~800 TONS
● Application

Applicable for small type progressive die or single processing more than 2mm thickness of material, in blanking, piercing bending, forming component with heavy load.

● Features
Link motion with a reduced touch speed and cause less vibration and noise.
Increased productivity by up to 30% compared to conventional presses.
An 8-point square slide guide that with limited gib clearance.
Excellent rigid construction is built for heavy loading, drawing and blanking.

● Design
1. General Attachments

Main Motor with Inverter
Flywheel Brake and Main Motor FWD./REV. Controller
Combination Wet Clutch / Brake
Electrical Die Height Adjusting Device
Electronic Touch Screen Panel
Programmable Cam Switches and 8 Channels Spare Cams
Hydraulic Overload Protection System
Automatic Re-circulation System
Die-stick Release Device
Large Lockable Emergency Stop Button
Product Counter
Batch counter
Misfeed Socket (2B)
Pneumatic Ejector (1 set)
Air Outlet (1 set)
Wall Mount Control console
Die Light Device
Portable Operation Stand
Safety Door
Safety Bar
Safety Fance
Maintance Tool
2. Optional Attachment
Quick Die Change Device
Automatic System Device
Poto electric Safety Device
Electric Tonnage Monitor
Anti Vibration Mounts