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Location: 307/10 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 1, District Tan Binh, HCM City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-8-38449946/38449947/38422821/38422823
Fax: +84-8-38422817
Founded: November, 1962
Registered: March, 1982
Location: No. 446 Nan Shang Rd., Kueishan Village, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Employee: 330 personnel
Site Area: 17,000 square meter
Factory Premises: 12,500 square meter
Mar. The SD Series Servo Presses made their global debut at the March 2011 Taiwan TIMTOS tradeshow, the August Japan MF-Tokyo show, and the November Chicago FABTECH show, where they received strong attendee response ateach show.
May SAG series reward Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2011.
Dec. SD1 Series Servo Press receives 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award.
SEYI has entered into a TWD 1.8 billion (USD 59.6 million), five-year Revolving Credit Agreement that will provide working capital and funds to support SEYI’s expansion and growth.
Mar. Claire Kuo named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Shieh Yih Machinery Group.
Jun. AG-800~1000 passed Power-operated Press and Shearing Machine Examination.
Jul. SN1, SN2, SN(L)S1, SN(L)S2, SAG and SE series obtained EMC certification.
Aug. SPF2-300 passed Power-operated Press and Shearing Machine Examination.
Dec. SAG series reward Taiwan Excellence Award and to be elected in Golden Award selection.
Released STD-250 Special Deep Drawing Presses.
Jan. Comprehensive promote Power-operated Press and Shearing Machine Examination.
Mar. Signed up precautionary safety measures partners relationship with Council of Labor Affairs.
May P.A.S. Engineering Co., Ltd merged into SEYI Group.
Jul. Claire Kuo named Chief Executive Officer of Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Nov. Expanded and finished the heavy-weight factory phase 2 in China with 10,700 square meter factory premises.
May Reward the 2nd Evergreen and Excellent Award by Taoyuan government.
Jul. SNS2 series reward Taiwan Excellence Award.
Dec. Established business headquarters of enterprise approved by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
 ●2006 Established SEYI-America branch office in Tennessee.
 ●2005 Established XIE YI TECH MACHINERY (CHINA) subsidiary company in Dongguan, China.
 ●2004 Expanded 1650 square meters heavy production space.
Upgraded to Pro 3-D R&D system.
C-Type Gap Frame Press series obtained “CE” marking meeting European standards.
Commenced production of the SAP series.
Released both SNS and SLS Press series.
 ●2003 In cooperation with Japanese company H&F, SEYI completed the 2400 ton Press Tandem Line for automobile body parts. With Ministry of Economics approval, SEYI set up its Mainland China R&D center, officially SE YI PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
 ●2002 Initial public offering.
Received from the president of Taiwan Industrial Technology Advancement Award.
 ●2001 Built new corporate headquarters at factory site.
Introduced SH1 series precision high speed press.
Established Ningbo (China) service center.
Obtained ISO-14001 certificate of recognition.
Purchased MORI SEIKI SL300/1500 CNC Lathe、Toshiba BF-130B CNC floor type horizontal milling and boring machine.
 ●2000 Established SEYI-America branch office.
Established SEYI (H.K.) limited branch office.
Joint venture with LEM (Japan) in developing the straight side precision high speed press.
 ●1998 Established second service center in shanghai (China).
Introduced SM2 series link driving high speed straight side presses.
Built tandem line mechanical presses with Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation.
SN2 series earned Taiwan Excellence Award by Taiwanese government.
 ●1997 Passed government regulations for private stock listing.
 ●1996 SN1 series earned Taiwan Excellence Award by Taiwanese government.
Qualified as the recommended automation service provider.
 ●1995 Introduced SM1 series heavy stamping link motion presses.
Introduced SE2 series straight side eccentric shaft presses.
Founded Dongguan (China) service center.
Obtained “CE” marking meeting European standards.
 ●1994 Constructed 2300 square meter factory building.
Obtained ISO-9001 certificate of recognition.
 ●1993 Obtained ISO-9002 certificate of recognition.
 ●1992 Introduced SN1 series cross shaft precision press with wet-type clutch.
 ●1991 Joint venture with AMINO (Japan) and launched straight side hydraulic presses.
 ●1989 Purchased 8250 square meter lot .
 ●1988 Extended factory floor 1700 square meters.
 ●1985 Founded subsidiary company P.A.S. Engineering Ltd.
 ●1982 Factory moved to present location Nankan and re-named Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
 ●1979 Introduced SNC series cross shaft precision presses.
 ●1976 Introduced SAP series pneumatic type high speed presses.
 ●1975 Introduced rolling clutch precision presses and straight side pneumatic presses.
 ●1972 Invested Kueishan factory and re-named Shieh Yih Chuang Ironworks Co.
 ●1962 Established Shieh Yih Ironworks.