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LFS series

LFS series



LFS Series 2000
LFS 1400 LxWxH (in) 7800x4050x2900
N.W/G.W 25000/28000 kg
LFS 1600 LxWxH (in) 7800x4050x2900
N.W/G.W 31000/35000 kg
LFS 1800 LxWxH (in) 7800x4050x2900
N.W/G.W 27000/28000 kg


MODEL LFS 1400 LFS 1600 LFS 1800
Swing over bed (V shape carriage) 1420 mm 1620 mm 1820 mm
Swing over cross slide (Box type carriage) 900 mm 1100 mm 1300 mm
Center height 750 mm 850 mm 950 mm
Distance between centers 2000 mm
Width of carriage 1000 mm
Width of cross slide 600 mm
Bed width 1160 mm
Bed way 3-V way with 1 flat way and 1 slant way
Controller FANUC 0i-TD (STD.)
Spindle bore 200 mm
Spindle nose ASA-A2-15
Spindle speed 4-400 RPM (4 steps speed change)
Spindle center MT#6
Spindle motor 30/37 Kw (STD.) 37/45 Kw (OPT.)
Turret model H4-450-VDI Servo Turret (STD.)
Tool size 40 mm
X and Z axis  
X axis travel 1000 mm
Z axis travel 1800 mm
X axis rapid traverse 5000 mm/min
Z axis rapid traverse 5000 mm/min
X axis transmitting system Ø40 mm*P5 (ballscrew)
Z axis transmitting system Ø80 mm*P10 (ballscres)
Equipped with1:4 precision gear reducer
X axis servo motor 4 Kw
Z axis servo motor 4 Kw through 1:4 planetary gear reducer
Tailstock quill diameter 165 mm rotating quill
Tailstock movement Electric / Manual
Tailstock travel 250 mm
Tailstock boy movement Transmitted by gear reducer
Tailstock quill MT#6
Standard accessories  
Chip removing Front and rear chip conveyors
Bed ways lubrication pump 25 W
Spindle lubrication pump 1/2 HP
Coolant system 15 Bar high pressure
Guard Rear splash guard and front two doors (STD.)
Full enclosed guarding (OPT.)
Hydraulic pump 2 HP
(1) Machine equipped with different tureets will lead to differences on X and Z axis traverse.
(2) Machine equipped with different motors will lead to differences on spindle speed.
(3) Different tailstock types will affect Z axis travel.
(4) Machine length does not include the length of chip conveyor.
(5) Control: Fanuc 0i-TD (Standard), Siemens 810-D (Optional)
(6) The above specification is only for reference; the actual specification is based on the contract signed between two parties.