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Traditional Cylindrical Grinder

Traditional Cylindrical Grinder

Traditional Cylindrical Grinder



The grinding wheel spindle is supported by two special hydrodynamic bearings on the ends with five-point support, providing maximum rigidity and stability of spindle running. In case insufficient lubrication oil occurs, the spindle stops automatically to avoid wearing on the spindle and bearings.


The forced lubrication system of the grinding wheel spindle features vibration absorbing function. The oil film pressure, created by the hydrodynamic bearings, automatically absorbs vibration according to the current working condition.



The workhead can swivel 120°, variable spindle speed. The spindle can be fixed and runs reversibly, making it ideal for flexible grinding operations for internal and external cylindrical grinding applications.

NC Cylindrical Grinder   NC Cylindrical Grinder   NC Cylindrical Grinder   NC Cylindrical Grinder   NC Cylindrical Grinder


JHU-2706H JHU-2710H JHU-2715H JHU-3506H JHU-3510H JHU-3515H
Capacity Max Ø work swings 270 mm 350 mm
Max grinding length 600 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm 600 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm
Max grinding dia. 250 mm 330 mm
Max job weight(kgs) 70 kgs 130 kgs 70 kgs 130 kgs
Workhead Speed range 60Hz 11~500 Variable speed
50Hz 9~420 Variable speed
Swivel angle 120° (90° CCW ; 30° CW)
Center MT.4
Spindle rotation Setting, Normal and reverse rotation
Worktable Horizontal travel speed (mm/min) 50 ~ 4000 50 ~ 3000 50 ~ 4000 50 ~ 3000
Handwheel feed/revolution 20 mm
CCW/CW Swivel angle 11° / 6° 9° / 5° 7° / 4° 11° / 6° 9° / 5° 7° / 4°
>Min travel 8 mm
Wheel head Grinding wheel size (Dia X Width X Bore) 405 x 25 ~ 50 x 152.4
Max peripheral (m/min) 2000
Grinding wheel speed (2 step) 60 Hz 405:1499:1600(Standard)
50 Hz 405:1508:1603(Standard)
Total front and rear travel Grinding wheel 405:175 Grinding wheel 405:192
Speedy feed travel 40 mm
Wheelhead total feed travel Grinding wheel 405:135 Grinding wheel 405:152
Grinding Wheel Feed Handwheel feed/revolution 1 mm
Tail stock Center travel 30 mm
Center MT.4
Motor Grinding wheel motor 3.7KW, (5HP), 4P
Worktable motor 0.4KW, (1/2HP), 4p
Hydraulic motor 1.5KW, (2HP), 4P
Compulsory lubrication motor 0.2KW, (1/4HP), 4P
Coolant motor 0.2KW, (1/4HP), 4P
Magnetic separator motor 0.03KW, (1/25HP), 4P
Internal grinding motor 1.5KW, (2HP), 2P
X Servo motor 1 KW
Y Servo motor 1.5 KW
Hydraulic tank 60L
Compulsory lubrication tank 22L
Coolant tank 100L
G. Weight (kgs)(Approx.) 3150 4100 5150 3350 4300 5350
Length(mm)(Approx.) 2800 3400 4400 2800 3400 4400
Width(mm)(Approx.) 1650 1650 1650 1650 1650 1650
Height(mm)(Approx.) 1820 1820 1820 1820 1820 1820
* Manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

Tools and Tool boxA. Tools and Tool box

Grinding Wheel, Grinding Wheel Flange B. Grinding wheel and grinding wheel flange

2-point Center Rest C. Wheel Dressser

Wheel Dressser D. 2-point center rest (1m, 1.5m)

Water Pump and Tank E. Water pump and tank

Optional Accessories

Magnetic Separator

A. Magnetic Separator

Balancing Arbor

B. Balancing Arbor

Balancing Base

C. Balancing Base

3-jaw Chuck

D. 3-jaw Chuck

3-Point Center Rest Assembly

E. 3-Point Center Rest Assembly(Big)

3-Point Center Rest Assembly

F. 3-Point Center Rest Assembly(Small)

High Speed Spindle

G. High Speed Spindle (8,000~20,000rpm)

Center Ring and Jaw Plate

H. Center Ring and Jaw Plate(6", 7")

Paper Filter

I. Paper Filter

Internal Attachment

J. Internal Attachment