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Wire Cut EDM


● Features
User friendly industrial CNC controller

  • PC based design - Industrial CNC control PCB allows for programming while machining.
  • Standard canned cycles are intuitive yet powerful, makes programming a breeze.
  • Start point return, reference point return, trace function, and Retrace function allows for quick, easy setups and resetting after a wire break.

Easy data input via control panel

  • Receives CAD/CAM data easily with 3.5" inch floppy disc, NET, and RS-232C port all available.


Slide Type Work Table
The moveable ㄇ type stainless worktable easily adjusts to accommodate all work piece types. Machining does not need to be on a dead angle, suits many work piece sizes, and cleans up quickly. Easy maintenance.

Auto Threading Wire System (A.T.W. System)
JSEDM’s ATW system uses electric current to melt the line way. This results in a reduction of knife dependent cuts and increases threading efficiency.

Symbolic graphic display eases learning curve
Symbol based control allows operators to master functions quickly with less errors.

Full screen editing
The conversational interface control has full screen editing and file name input capabilities. Convenient NC edits with BACK EDIT, STRING EDIT and DELTE LINE functions.

Graphic cutting path display
A. 2D or 3D graphic display of cutting path. 3D image can rotate without changing mode. Very convenient to operate.

B. Able to simulate new programs during machining.

C. Zoom allows magnified views.

User friendly control
Main control interface offers four coordinate functions with six types of coordinate recording (G54-G59. Operator can set six reference points distinguished by different colors.

Auto wire threading system
Threading errors reduced, better automation and increased production efficiency. Auto wire threading speed is determined by type and quality of wire material.

Maintenance information
Provides a summary of all consumable usage and allows for easy tracking and scheduling of maintenance.

Cut log
Machining history maintains a record of machining operations, and allows user to assess processing times.

NC program and cutting path preview PREVIEW function allows operator top view the cutting graph without having to use simulation function.

Fly cut function
The FLY cut function can process merit prefers to depend on the electric discharge parameter which the hypothesis partition revision lead wire cuts, needs to revise the processing formula, then may automatically complete the lead wire to cut.

The S code system
Machining parameters are according to work piece material quality and thickness user requirements and may depend on user requirements.