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CNC-EB Electric Discharge Machine


● Features

  • Sturdy and compact headstock for easy operation and high precision.
  • Auxiliary stroke run by motor.
  • Main shaft adopts alloy steel guide rail to coordinate with ball bearing; low friction for ensured precision feeds.
  • Auto depth stop setting stops automatically when machining depth is achieved.
  • X & Y saddles with linear way and ball screws for ensured precision and delicate operations.
  • Machine frame constructed of heat treated, tempered FC-30 casting for long term precision.
  • Circular machining available with optional C axis accessory.
  • Unmanned operations available with optional ATC.

1 hour to master the control system

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processors) servo control system reduces response time up to 0.2ms in a location circuit control. DSP provides much more stable sparking and imparts much smoother motion compared to conventional PC based control (1ms).
  • MOSFET transistors couple with responsive POWER SINK circuitry to achieve the highest machining with very low wear and tear.
  • Pulse circuit adopts the IC of FPGA. This is the latest generation field programmable gate array to ensure the fastest response and optimum capability of "UNI-PULSE" monitor for better burning efficiency by avoiding carbon built up due to reduced arcing.
  • User friendly control interfaces with "AI" logic to assist setup and operation. Once basic parameters such as material, depth, and shape data are entered, the CNC fuzzy logic controller sets and optimizes burning parameters to quickly and efficiently achieve the targeted results.

Superior controller 


  • Built-in 32 bits IPC ensures optimum stability under any machining condition.
  • 14" color monitor simplifies operations.
  • Dialogue based computer editing and illustration are easy to learn.
  • Electrode path, time and machining parameters all clearly displayed on monitor during machining.
  • Computer controlled power system is more efficient and provides low electrode wear rates with fine surface finishes.


  • Fluid Level Protection - Auto electricity shut down when fluid reaches pre-set level.
  • Auto shut off in case of fire caused by improper use.
  • Work head retracts to original position and shuts off electricity when work head reaches the preset depth.
  • Auto shut off in case of short circuit.
User friendly control assures easy operations

All alarm messages are recorded in the machining log.

Vector processing is performed according to operator instructions. Different step angles can be machined from one starting angle.

AI function – Artificial Intelligence auto adjust for optimum performance.

LED displays input and output parameters of machine.

256 machining parameters allow operator to amend parameters during machining.

Simultaneous 3 axis straight line machining.